Friday, November 20, 2020


We're happy to announce that we'll produce Oregon's Alpenfest in 2021, but not so happy to reveal that for the first time since 1975 we won't be at Wallowa Lake. Instead, we will have the festival Sept. 23-26 at the Thunder Room at the Harley Tucker Rodeo Grounds in the nearby city of Joseph, only seven miles from our earlier location.

Mollie B & SqueezeBox (in the photo) will entertain, along with our regulars, the Tirolean Dancers, Swiss yodeler Shelby Imholt and virtuoso accordionist Alicia Straka. Free polka lessons will be conducted by instructors Randy and Ashley Thull. 

We regret having to move from Wallowa Lake, but there were so many logistical issues with the rented big tent in 2019 that we couldn't risk doing that again. We hope to be back at the lake when the Wallowa Lake State Park builds its planned event center in a few years.

Tickets are available by clicking on the button on your right.

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