Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Eastern Oregon has long been bereft of accordion teachers. Our alpenmeister, Chuck Anderson, knows because he's been searching for one since he arrived in Wallowa County in 2009.

Enter Griff Ziegler, who has just moved here from Idaho. 

Griff has a vision:

What if I were able to offer accordion lessons free to elementary students? What if I started an interest in accordion in young people in this valley – in their schools? Why not? 

To accomplish this I need help. Specifically, I need 12-bass accordions, small student-model (or ladies') accordions and music stands.   

I am sure that some of you know someone who has a dusty old accordion they can donate to this cause. To start, I need 8 to 10 12-bass accordions. As the students progress, they will need larger accordions, perhaps student models.   

Eventually I will need loaner 120-bass accordions. Can you help me?

You can contact Griff at 208-651-2536 or griffbz@gmail.com.

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